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Monday, November 16

I Am Pissed!!

The whole day was supposed to end quite nicely for me today, although it's a bit busy and I had lots to settled, but then again, it's work. So it's nothing much to complain about actually. Well until I received a call from one of my customer that is. He was complaining that I didn't come back to him on the delivery date for the machine that he had just purchased. I had previously informed him that I will need to get confirmation from my factory and that according to my quotation, the delivery would be 8 - 10 weeks but he complaint again that he don't wanna listen to all that and wanted the good to be in before the end of the year and etc etc etc. OMFG!!! Dealing with this customer is so damn farking exhausting. I kept on explaining and apologizing pointlessly. As I knew the end user whom he is selling the equipment to, and the customer wanted me to directly deal with them next time. I am starting to think about their suggestion now. I don't really agreed with my friend who wanted to directly deal with me on the next deal but now, what the heck!!! I am pissed!!!

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