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Saturday, November 7

Sony Ericsson New Flagship

Finally the hand phone or rather smart phone from Sony Ericsson that all been waiting for had arrived into our shore. This smart phone is the best in their shelves right now. The phone best feature and worth mentioning would be their 12 Mega Pixel camera. Weighing at 126gram and boosting a 16M color TFT screen this baby comes with a 3.5 inch screen. This is one of their first smart phone with full touch screen feature. Played around with it today and found it to be a bit rigid. Although it's a new unit, but I found that the unit is a bit slow and hanged during some stage. But the camera is so damn nice. So how much do you need to pay to get this baby home? RM2499 which come with a VH300 Bluetooth Headset (worth RM169). But the sales girl told me that I can get it for RM2300 cash.

The second phone coming out together with Satio would be Aino. The phone is not fully touch screen as the touch screen is only available on the main screen before you unlock it. So you can play around with the pictures, movies or music store using the main screen without having to slide out the keyboard underneath it. And not forgetting the phone pack a 8 Mega Pixel camera too. The baby weight at 134gram and has a smaller screen size of 3.0 inch. Aino is the has the same display as Satio with a 16M color TFT screen. It has an internal 55MB of memory while Satio has a 128MB memory. Surprisingly, this phone looks more better and perform much better than Satio during the test drive I had with it. The retail price for this baby is RM1999 but I can get this for RM1830 cash according to her.

Last but not least an entry level phone from SE. The phone is 115 grams meaning that it's the lightest of the three. But come on, can you really feel if you're phone is 10 grams heavier? The display is TFT but only boost a 256K color. The screen is smaller with a 2.4 inch and a 60MB of internal memory. The camera is quite decent with a 5 Mega Pixel, auto focus and LED flash. It's just like your normal phone right now. So if you're looking for a simple yet high on the camera side, this is something for you. I didn't fool around long with this but from what I experience, it's not bad. Response quite fast and the camera is good. Come on, it's SE. Retail price starts from RM1099 for the phone. Didn't asked for special price for this phone but I guess it should be less than RM1K.

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