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Tuesday, December 14

Can I Make It In Time?

Good news and bad news. Good news, my house gonna be ready soon. Bad news, I might not be able to move in before Christmas. Sigh~! The reason being my contractor had been stalling the work from day 1. Gosh~ I practically need to be there at the site and check on his almost everyday and calling him to chase for the renovation work to be done. Was a bit upset that no proper layering of the floor was made during the construction but he did promised to clean up everything at the end of the renovation (which he did). But still there are some paint marks which could be avoided left on some part of the vinyl. 

I am now busy driving around town surveying for some minor lighting (i.e eye ball, staircase lighting, gate light and motion sensors in front of the house). Just finished installing the grills and my wardrobe cabinets but still waiting for  the kitchen cabinets and hopefully it will be ready soon. Gonna arrange for the electrical guy to do the installation of my down lights and fans by this week and hopefully get it done by this weekend. Hopefully I can move in by the end of the year. So many to do and so little time left.

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