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Friday, April 29

iPad 2 Out of Stock

Finally it's HERE and it's quickly running out of stock as we speak. Above is the pricing for the new iPad 2 which we already suspected/know the pricing will be. It's the same as the previous iPad when it's launch last year. So no surprises there. The only surprises would be the stock running out so quickly. Saw in the fan page that some of the customers are pissed and unsatisfied with some of the outlet as they claimed that the staffs reserved all the units for their family members and friends. Well, you and I know this is normal. It's just a matter of how they gonna answer to the consumers now. Anyway, if you do not want to queue up like mad and being told the stock had finishes after more than an hour queue, you can go to apple store HERE to booked online and delivery is around 1-2 weeks I heard. As you know, the iPad 2 come with 2 color, White and Black. So choose the one you fancy ~!

PS: source and picture courtesy of machines.com.my

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