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Monday, August 29

Is This Your Final Destination?

Recently I had just finished another long run movie after Harry Potter (8 Episodes), Planet of The Apes (6 Episodes) and now Final Destination franchise. Gosh~! How many times do they really have to get kill? Well anyway, we can't blame Death for making his job a bit interesting now, can we? The first franchise started from the year 2000. It tells a group of teenagers who cheated death as one of them had a premonition thingy before the actual thing happens. So the group of teenagers and adults left the Flight 180 before it explodes into flames. But as they all said, you can't cheat Death. So one by one is being killed/died with accordance with the way they were supposed to die in the initial plan.

This first episode gave us all a very good and suspense feeling of death and what is reflects on our real life. I mean, every little thing that we do might lead to our own death or some one else. How cool in a twisted sick way I might say. But the way the director, James Wong lead the audience gripping on their seats on how the person is going to die was just awesome. So at the end no one survived except Ali Larter which come back on the second franchise. Highlight death would be Sean William Scott being decapitated by the metal plate flung off from a passing train. Cool~! 

The second episode comes 3 years after the first. Since they thought they can make some really big money of out how people die. Well, death do sells. So the second part of the movie tells of a bunch of people got save from a freak Highway 180 accident. Trust me, it's really out of the world. So this bunch of people started to die one by one just like the initial movie. But some one gave  them an idea on how to prevent death is by creating another life. Well some bullshit bout balance of life where a life will eliminate off a death mumbo jumbo. OK, here's the interesting part of the movie, they found bout the plane accident (Part 1) and the people on board are related to them one way the other. 

Hence, them (people from Part 1) who were saved from the initial plane crash had created a chain of event which resulted the people in this movie to be still alive and death is not happy about that. But at the end, everyone's dead. As they said, no one cheat death TWICE. Highlight death moment would be the guy being cut in many piece by the barb wires. Wicked~!

The third installment come 3 years later in 2006. This time around, a bunch of teenagers (yes, it always revolves around young people) who went for a roller coaster ride called High Dive and survived yet another freak accident. I think Death is slacking off his job by now. So the survivors did some research online and found out that there are similar cases (plane crash and road accident) where the people who survived those accidents, die one by one after that. So they had decided to fight against their fate and at the end 3 of them survived. But not for long as after 5 months after they all goes their separate ways, they some how bump into each other in a subway. One of them saw the number 081 (in reflection of 180 which is also the same flight number on the plane crash in Episode 1). She had a premonition again but this time it's just few second a head so they didn't have enough time to save themselves. At the end, all of them die. Highlight of the movie would be one guy being penetrated by a flag pole. I mean, how bizarre can it get? 

This movie came 3 years later (I think it's a trend) in 2009. This time, Death comes in 3D. Yup, the movie jump into the 3D bandwagon. The movie focuses on a bunch of audience from McKinley Speedway who had, Yes you got it, survived another bizarre freak accident. Crush to death by a spun off tyres out side the stadium? I mean, death really wanted her to die so badly. But at least, Death is getting more creative after the 3rd installment. Again, they thought that they can cheat death again by skipping an accident on their own life but heck they are wrong. This is the part where the 3 left survivors who get together in a cafe to celebrate their victory against Death's plan. At that point, the main actor had another premonition about Death's coming plan and realized that all that had happened after McKinley Speedway and all the other death is actually a red herring from Death to bring them all together for a final showdown. No money for guessing who won at the end. 

Now, after 2 years, in 2011 Final Destination 5 had reached the 5th installment. I assumed this is the last but we never know. It all depends on the box office I guess. If the cinema goers still like it and would pay for more, why not? The story tells of a company retreat went wrong when the suspension bridge which their bus is on decided to give way, due to strong winds. An idiot would know that Death got something to do with it. Well, the main actor had a premonition and pulled his colleagues off the bus before it plum to the  sea. And you know what that does to Death's reputation by now. It's a big No No. So one by one of them die in some freaky horrifying ways. OK, sometimes, the director did get too creative especially how the gymnast fell to death after some freak accident during practice. 

In this episode, the coroner (same guy from all the episodes, which brought us to believe he is Death himself) gave them some light on how to save their life. They need to kill someone innocent or not meant to die in order to skip the death toll on themselves. One particular funny moment would be the guy visited the spa and the conversation he had with the Chinese masseur. Anyway, three of the survivors left (why is it always three?) and the couple finally managed to board the plane for their trip over to Paris. Now here's the catch, when I saw the date of the ticket, which is dated in the year 2000 and the tickets read Flight 180, I know what is going on. Some teenage kids got kick off the plane right before taking off since he had a premonition that the plane is going to explode in mid air. Yes, it's the same flight 180 from the first movie. So both of them die and the most outrageous part would be the third person who survived got killed by the fallen parts from Flight 180 WHILE DRINKING IN A BAR!!!. I mean, how ironic can that be? Death really have some really sick sense of humor. hahaha! 

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