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Tuesday, January 31

Please Help

It's been a while since my last post. Really getting more and more lazy these days. Today is the 8th day of Chinese New Year, and I think most of the people still are feeling a bit moody and not ready to start work. This year's CNY wasn't as packed as my previous one which is good. It means that I can relax more and do what I like most, EAT. I ate like 3 meals from morning till lunch time. Hopefully I don't gained that much from this festive season. So what's happening through out this month? There's happy stuff and there's some not so pleasant. One in particular would be my friend's pet, Miki went missing during the CNY. 

So I wanna just shout out to everyone who read my blog here to give a look out for her. Her name is Miki and she's 4 years old Miniature Schnauzer. She was last seen on 24th Jan along Jalan Koko and Jalan Sukun Taman Lian Seng, Kluang around noon. She is wearing a red color collar with a bell on it. The picture above is the most recent picture taken during this CNY. 

Someone spotted a car picking up a small dog around Jalan Koko/Sukun on the same day with a registration number of WDA 6176. It's a Green Proton Saga with is registered at 23, Jalan Talapoa, Taman Indah Jaya, Kluang. If you know the owner please do give my friend a call at 0192715323. Rewards will definitely be provided for those who return the dog to the rightful owner. 

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