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Sunday, June 17

iOS 6 - Improve SIRI

There are a few improvement with SIRI that comes with the up-coming iOS 6. Here are a few features that you will get from the iOS.

Siri on Sports

Now Siri can get you answer if you asked for results or game schedules from EPL, Spanish League, Spanish La Liga, French Ligue 1, German Bundeliga to NBA, NFL and even WNBA to name a few. 

Siri on Movies
If you like movies, now Siri can answer to all your movies trivia. Just ask Siri on any upcoming movies or past or actor's bio. You have the full list of them in your hand now. 

Siri on Restaurant
Now you can ask Siri to recommend you restaurants around your area based on ratings, pricing and locations. It is now integrated with Yelp and OpenTable which means that you are able to see the rating of the restaurants before you go over. Even pictures.

Siri on Social
Now you can ask Siri to upload your status or post your tweets to Facebook and Twitter.

Now you can finally ask Siri to launch your apps. Yes, most of the apps mentioned above is possible by using some apps by Cydia as I am using it now. But it's good that Apple finally decided to integrate these features as standard stock for Siri and improving it. 

Siri is Eyes Free
You can now ask Siri to read your notification, read mails or SMS while you are driving which they called Eyes Free. And Apple is now in talk with car manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes, GM, Toyota, Honda to name a few to integrate the Siri activation button onto the steering wheel. So you can talk with Siri without even have to look at the screen (which is not lighted up).

Siri is Multilingual
Finally Siri will be able to support more language such as Mandarin and Cantonese. Cool~!

I think watching the video below by GottaBeMobile is a lot more easier than reading what I wrote on top. Can't wait to get this improve Siri on the new iOS 6. 

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