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Thursday, December 25

All Well, Ends Well

The day started quite bad for me with a bad new from my manager. We lost a deal although we're quite confidence that it's ours. Yup, we're over confidence in this and had neglected the consultant side. This is really an expensive lesson learn and hopefully it will not repeat again. After the chat, went out for an appointment to Port Klang but got to the wrong location, it's West Port and not South. Damn in. Drove over and half way through my rear tyre was puncture. WTF??!!!

Well this is not new for me, so I got out and tried to changed the tyre at the side of the highway. Seeing the trailers speeding pass me was no funny business as they were really going real fast. Half way through opening the nuts and the thread on the last two nuts had washed away. OMFG~!!! Can the day be any worst???!!! No choice, I couldn't do anything now. Had to call for help. Finally found a tow truck to tow my baby. There goes RM100 for towing my car.

Got to the tyre shop and the guy asked me to get a new sets of nuts for all my tyres as the current one were not that good. I agreed as it was just some old set which I got from the dealer when I bought my rims. So another RM100 down the drain. My baby was there with me and decided to buy me lunch to cheer me up. Thanx babe : ) After lunch drove down to Sunway to get some new tyres. But they don't have the one which I wanted. Will come back again later this week. Another RM300 down the drain.

Suddenly I realized that there is this sparkling sound coming from my car. Found out that it's coming from my engine side. What now??!! Sent my car to the authorized centre and had them check it out. Found out that it's a problem with my alternator belt. Fark~! I just changed my whole timing belt last two weeks. So will claim it from them tomorrow. Up till now I was really exhausted from the whole charade since this morning.

But since it's X'mas eve, I can't just stayed at home, so we got home and bath and went to 1U for dinner. Reached around 8pm. Got a present for tomorrow's luncheon with Master T and all. Went to Chillies and booked a table. The fella said come back in another 30mins or so. There were a lot of people queueing outside. As Chillies are those few places which don't served sets dinner during eves or any other festivities. So there's a lot of people wanted to dine there.

Decided to watch a movie after the dinner and managed to get two tickets for Beverly Hills Chihuahua at 11pm. Sweet~! Went back after 30mins and we still need to wait at least 30mins more. Since baby was hungry so we decided to try our luck elsewhere, specifically Pasta Zanmai. Romiko had always like to dine over there. Was really lucky as there wasn't any queue over there. We ordered our food and it was really a nice filling X'mas eve dinner.

After the dinner we walked back to the cinema and went in. Upon reaching the seats, I found out that one of our seats were broken. Head was spinning and the show was about to start. Quickly ask some attendant from outside and he managed to get us another seat elsewhere. Lucky~! Movie was really fun and nice. So many chihuahua, what do you expect. Went home and watch another episode of Hero before calling it a day at 3am.

Romiko and Me wishes everyone Merry X'mas & A Happy New Year~!

2 Octopus:

TTB said...

Merry Christmas to you too (a little late) and a great year ahead.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

No worries, it's still X'mas today :) Same to you too. Enjoy the day and the rest of the year :)

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