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Thursday, December 25

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Can't believed that I had agreed to watch this movie even after a day. Well it's X'mas and if my babe wanna watch it, can a guy so NO? At least I enjoyed the movie too. lol~! The movie tells of a super pampered Chihuahua living in the most luxurious city in US, Beverly Hills. From the start you can see all the dogs wearing branded couture and given spa and pedicure. Does this really happened over there? I don't know.

Chloe (voice by Drew Barrymore), the main Chihuahua was left by her owner trusted to her niece, Rachael. But since Rachel wanted to go Mexico city for some surf and party, Chloe got lost at the end and ended up in the hand of some really bad guys. The journey starts from her meeting up with a German Shepard name Delgado who rescued her from the rascals. The bad guy's dog, a Doberman named El Diablo gave chase.

It tells the story of how a pampered dog could finally found her true self and become a real Chihuahua and had her first REAL bark. The story line wasn't that strong but what do you expect? It's meant for kids and teenagers. There were laugh here and there and it's quite entertaining seeing an iguana trying to eat a rat. lol~! If you're free this weekend and has nothing to do, try watching this and it may cheer you up. Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0

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