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Sunday, December 21

Happy Winter Solstice Festival

It's the time of the year again, Winter Solstice Festival. It's not my favorite festival but where there is food, it can be my favorite anytime of the day. This year and like the year before, the festival are held at my aunt's house. This year at their new house in Happy Garden. So what is in the menu for this year, I know it won't be simple for my family when it comes to preparation of food, so I am prepared for anything.

Fried Vermicelli is a must every year.

Chicken Feet with mushroom. Not into chicken feet but it's one of my mom's specialty.

Curry Chicken with potatoes and bean curd.

Mixed vegetable with broccoli, capsicum, cauliflower and some other stuff which I don't know. But anything with broccoli is good to me.

The famous Roast Duck from OUG. It's really good as the meat was really juicy and the scent of herbs was really strong. But since it's not the crunchy type, I am not so into it.

Fried Chicken. And one hell of a lot of it too. Superb~!

Restaurant Ngok Lan from Kajang. One of the best satey stall from Kajang. Sweet~!

Fish Roll with mixture of crab sticks and sea weeds.

And for dessert, we have some mix fruit salad with raisins.

What is Winter Solstice Festival without Thong Yun? But for those who know me, I don't like to take them. But I was force each year by my mom to take one. And this year, the combination of my mom and my girl managed to coax me to take two. Can't imagine what will happen after 10 years down the road. LOL~! Just wanna wish my family and friends a Happy Winter Solstice Festival.

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