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Saturday, December 20

Ip Man

I had decided to watch this movie before I left for my trip. So I bought the ticket online for today show. For those who doesn't know, Ip Man was the master for the late Bruce Lee. A lot of people know who is Bruce Lee but doesn't really know whose the man behind his martial art.

Ip Man martial art are based on Wing Chun. Which was created by a women with the same name. The story tells the people at Forshan, China who at that time was all into martial art. But Ip Man wasn't accepting any disciple or having any martial art school. He believe that martial art are for increasing ones health and not for fighting. But still there is a lot of people who like to challenged him once in awhile. And we all know who won at the end now.

I really like the martial art choreography in the movie. It's so well plan and executed. The movie really done justice on Wing Chun. Wing Chun is characterized by close body combat, requires practitioner to show speed and power. It's Chi Sao or 'sticking hand' is more similar to modern day martial art and has a rich feel of genuine strikes. Its explosive close range combat really blows me away. This is the first movie or any publish media of the late Ip Man. A must watch for those martial art maniacs.

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