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Tuesday, December 30

I Survived BS, BP & BC Tonight

It was my first Body Step and Body Pump new release class tonight. Since this is my first work out for the week and I won't be able to do much classes anymore for the week. Hence I decided to do back-to-back classes. Well OK la, it's my usual routine anyway. Just that it's a new release and I don't know what to expect.

First class was Bryan's Step class. There's some new moves but it's still bearable. Music was OK and overall it was a good workout class. Continued with the Body Pump. MG is replacing Sue's class tonight as she's still on holiday. I was informed that there were some really tough tracks for the squats and the biceps and even lunges. So the class starts with the warm up as usual. I reduced my weight for squats as it was a new release. But at the end it wasn't what I expected. The track was quite lengthy but not to say intense. Chest was also not that tough as there wasn't much bottom halves but rather the new combo.

I was expecting a good work out for the clean & press so I added additional weight as there were 4 continuous clean and press moves. But again it wasn't that intense, maybe due to the break in between the sets. There were 4 sets of triple wide rows though. Triceps was something different as we don't use any bars this time around. It was all kick backs and also triceps deeps. So so only. MG challenge me for a heavier weights for biceps as he said it was simple track. So I added some weight and well, let's just say previous release was more tougher.

The lunges was damn funny. It wasn't the weight but rather the bar balancing in front of my chest which was the hard part. lol~! Something new but odd for me. Shoulder track was simple as there wasn't any push up. Yes~!!! All together it was a good work out although not as tough as some previous releases but still a good one. But the music was a but disappointing though. I don't remembered a single track from the release. Just remembered that the warm up track wasn't that motivating as Bleeding Love from the previous release. hehehe~!

Master T's combat class was really packed tonight. It was my second class and I still hate track 3. Too many speed balls and jump jabs. My legs were about to die on me during track 6 and I always got confused during the eskiva and forward kick. lol~! But the track 8 was a nice power track with the crowd's energy hitting the maximum. Did the challenge for the push ups and managed to complete it in one piece. Well although my face did turn really red at the end of the class. lol~! Normal la, blood to the head ma.

All of us continued with minum session at our usual place. Thanx again Wanie for the calendar and also diary. Damn nice. And BQ treat us for the minum session. But I didn't ordered any food ler. Wasted~! lol~! Need to cut down on my supper and also snacks till CNY. At least need to shed away 3 - 4kgs in one month. Possible? I think so. Ganbateh!!!

PS: K-Bear, bring the horse come this Friday lar~~~ lol!!!
Weights: Warm Up: 5kgs; Squats: 15kgs; Chest: 8.5kgs; Back: 11kgs; Triceps: 2.5kgs & 10kgs; Biceps: 6kgs; Lunges: 5kgs; Shoulder: 5kgs; Conditioning: 5kgs

4 Octopus:

Coffee Prince said...

you challenge K-Bear ? later she bring Ironman come...you baru tau..

I already loose 4 kg within 2 months lah...sup sup water

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Aiya~ this is what we called healthy competition. Like that only got motivation to do ma. Since the new one also not that omphhh~~~ kekeke!

CareBear said...

That s depending on who is teaching.. LOL- =P

BaBy OcTopUs said...

so r u saying that the instructor teaching last night wasn't as tough as you? hahaha~!!! or r u implying something else?? kekeke~!!!

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