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Wednesday, December 31

Joke of The Day

During a summit meeting recently, 3 delegates from Korea, US and Malaysia is having a discussion with the minister of Indonesia. They are discussing who should built the new tower for the country. So here is the conversation;

Korean Minister: I can built the tower for you for the cost of 300K. 100K for material price, 100K for workmanship and 100K for profit.

then the American walk over and say;

American Minister: I can built the tower for you for the cost of 600K. 200K for material as US material is the best in the world, 200K for workmanship as our workmanship is top notch in the world and 200K for profit as our living standard is very high.

then the Malaysian minister came over and pull the Indonesia minister to a corner and say;

Malaysian Minister: I can built your tower for you for the cost of 900k.
Indonesia Minister: Why so expensive???
Malaysian Minister: I need 900K because, 300K for you, 300K for me and another 300K for the Korean guy to do the tower.

2 Octopus:

lil princess said...

Malaysian Minister: Because 100K for material, 100K for workmanship, but 700K for our profit,as our Works Minister needs some pocket money for the coming new year.

LOL LOL... Wish everyone Happy New Year!!

BaBy OcTopUs said...

You know our government well .. lol~! Good answer but not the one that I am looking for :)

Happy New Year to you too ...!!!

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