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Tuesday, January 27

Chinese New Year Updates

The night before CNY was all sleep and eat for me. Honestly, for me CNY is a long resting holiday for me to unwind. No phone calls and no gyms. My mind and body can really rest 100%. And when I say rest I do mean fully resting. My usual routine for these two days are the same. Wake up early morning and take my breakfast then continued with my sleep. Wake up around noon to take my lunch and watch some show on the idiot box before heading to the sack again. I think you can imagine how the routine go from here. 

Us Hokkien are quite particular with the night before CNY as we need to do prayers to welcome the God of Fortune. But it's been raining for the whole day over here. It's still raining at 11pm but luckily it stopped 30mins before midnight. Burn a lot of incense and praying papers. Fire crackers are getting less by the years. Finished up the ritual and head back to sleep. 

Finally it's the 1st day of CNY. Woke up and greet my grandparents and relatives. Well actually I got most of the ang pow the day before or even on the first day I arrived. lol~!!! We got no pantang one la~!! Took my breakfast and watch some shows before heading back to sleep. Yes, it's Zzzzzz time again. Woke up when I received a call from Moses. Came over to pick me up and we went over to another friend house for a visit. Had some drinks and catching up on each other. 

Drove back to KL around 5.20pm and reaches Gombak toll within an hour. Yes, that was really fast. But I can go faster if there wasn't some stupid crawl at Karak. But there were some stupid jam at Kepong Metropark. Sigh~! Managed to reached Banting around 7.30pm and had dinner with Romiko's family and relatives. Decided to go Cameron the next day with them (long story laa!!) so head back to babe's house and call it a night. Long day with lots of drinking session. Sigh~! Luckily I am not driving tomorrow. Cameron .... here I go again!! 

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