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Sunday, January 11

Congratulation Colin & Guat Eu

Two major agenda for the day. First was breakfast and house hunting with my brother. Second is attending my schoolmate, Colin's wedding. I knew this is going to be a tiring day for me as I would need to rush back and forth Puchong and PJ. But it's 3 weeks since I last saw my brother's family so I thought what better time.

Had brunch with my brother and SIL before heading to Puchong to check out some new properties. Not bad, we're quite interested in this new property at Putra Prima. It's coming out this coming March. Hopefully this is going to materialize this year for me. My major resolution for 2009.

Went over to my brother's friend's house at Kemuning Utama to check out his house. Very nice and cozy. Plus he found some real good contractors for his renovation and damn cheap too. Definitely gonna look for him next time for my house. Headed home for a rest after a long day. Just have 2 hours for me to take a nap and freshen up before heading to Cyberjaya.

It's my first visit to Cyberview Lodge. Managed to locate the place with the help of the road sign. My good sense of direction did help a lot too. hehe~! It was a really nice wedding event with the vows exchanging being done out door surrounded by friends and relatives. The enviroment and also facilities at the lodge was really nice. Since it's a spa and resort too, you can imagine the scenery outside the ballroom was so amazing.

But the big surprised for us all was the punctuality of all the guest. It was a 7.30pm dinner and we started at 7.45pm. This is because most of the friends and relatives came early for the outdoor session. Or maybe cause their Christian fellowships and hence their more punctual?? But one thing for sure, it's a nice dinner. Menu was simple but really nice. Since their doing a Church theme, hence no beers and liquor. The menu was slightly different from our normal Chinese dinner but it was well prepared and this definitely an option for me in the future. Last but not least, I just wanted to congratulate Colin and Guat Eu and best wishes on their new life together.

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