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Friday, January 9

Customer Is Always Right?

I know I shouldn't be going to anymore buffet or heavy meals but since my ex-colleagues invited me to join them for Tenji, well I can't say no. They are like my makan gang since my time working with them. We didn't have any reservation on that day (Thursday) but decided to just walk in and try our luck. I had tried calling their number the whole night but no one picked up the phone.

Once I reached I walk over and saw a lot of people queuing outside. Damn~! So I walk over and heard that the place was fully book. But still I need to ask for myself. They guy didn't really answered me on the spot but was busy explaining something to another lady customer. She had wanted a table but was told it was fully booked.

OK, let me described the scenario yet again or rather write out the conversation.

Lady: Huh? Fully booked?

Guy: Yes. We're fully booked.

Lady: (with higher voice) Why you guys never picked up the phone when I call?

Guy: If you want to complaint bout the reservation line, please direct it to that side (pointing to the other table). I am just arranging the seating based on the reservation received.

Lady: (a bit agitated at this point) Then when can I get a table? We come from far away, do you know that? Why is it like that? What kind of service is this?

Guy: We only accept 300 pax for one day so if it exceeds that, the phone will not be pick.

Lady: (higher voice) Then when can I get a table? Tomorrow? I want a table tomorrow.

Guy: Sorry, we're fully book till the end of the promo.

Lady: (really pissed) WHAT!!! How do you do business like this ... blah blah blah (while walking away).

(handsome customer walk over)
Me: Eh, so do you have table for 4pax?

Guy: Yes, if she asked me politely I would have arrange something for her too.

Me: YES~!!! (laughing in my heart!!)

So what is the morale of the story above? Customer is always right, but then again, if you're asking someone a favour, please do it politely. Although they are just workers, but they are only doing their job. This is a perfect example of people who didn't know how to interact with another person. Definitely can see that she's not in the sales or marketing department. lol~! At the end, me and my friends enjoyed our lunch and went off as a very satisfied customer.

4 Octopus:

CareBear said...


I am still laughing at the bit of handsome customer walked over

Hee hee

BaBy OcTopUs said...

KNS x 10000 ....!!! I also must dramatic sikit ma .. haha!

handsome guy

Anonymous said...


(handsome customer walk over)



Me: Eh, so do you have table for 4pax?

Guy: Yes, if she asked me politely I would have arrange something for her too.

Me: YES~!!! (laughing in my heart!!)

*HEHEHE!!! Yes I do agree customer has to be polite oso ler...poor lady...offended her liao, hope she's not a TERROR Flogger*

The place has no capacity to cater to FULLHOUSE...Let's see what happens after the promo ends...

BaBy OcTopUs said...

They can served more than that. Don't get me wrong. But for the promo sake, they are only supplying 300pax (or that's what I heard).

Cause they need to control the food quality and also the cost of the promo. So you don't need to ask why is there empty tables around when they inform you that it's FULLHOUSE.

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