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Saturday, January 17

Pre-CNY Dinner @ Oversea Restaurant

It was our gang 3rd year pre-CNY dinner and this year the venue was Oversea Restaurant at Sri Petaling. We managed to get most of the gang together that night except Jeff and Joanne which called off at the last minute. But all of us had a really good dinner that night. Thanx to Eva again for organizing this year. It was really nice meeting up with the old gang again since we have our own different priority in life now days. Which means that we meet up less and less.

After the dinner we decided to go to this new bistro at Bandar Putri called Thirty Two Bistro. It was really nice and special as they served the best cigar and also wine in KL area (according to the owner). They have the complete (best 15) wine list from all over KL which was really something to brag about. It's a two double storey building with the lower as dinning area and upper as a mini pub area.

They served imported German, Holland and Belgium beers to name a few. They have most of what KL offer but the best part is that you're paying the Puchong rate and not the KL. So it's very reasonable (No, I don't get any commission from this. lol!!) Got to know the owner that night and was treated with some card tricks (which I exposed most of it .. haha!). Will try to dine in one day and post a blog bout the place. It's just started operational 3 months back. We called it a night around 2.15am. Like Punky said, we should do this more often, like once a month. :P

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