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Monday, January 5

I Know What You Did Tonight!!!

Today was the first day of work for the new year. Not much happening but as usual our weekly meeting this morning. Rush for an appointment after the meeting only to be informed that it's been postponed to after lunch. KNS~! Anyway, managed to meet the customer after lunch and rush for another customer in Klang before headed to TC.

Arrived quite early tonight, so decided to see if there's any class worth joining. Yes, saw Riyo teaching Body Step in the class and they were only doing the warm up track. Throw all my stuff in the locker and managed to find a spot behind the pillar. Damn hard to look at her as the pillar was really blocking the view but not much space for me to choose anymore. So just do only la. Luckily did the new release before so doesn't have much problem completing it. Body Jam after that, definitely not joining. So get my jacket and headed out for a walk.

Continued with Master C's class and it was quite pack tonight. As it was his first class for the new release. Got better on my Track 6 with the front kick and eskiva. The rest, as usual, challenging myself to do more and better. Then it was K-Bear's Body Pump class. Saw some familiar face at the back. Yes, it's you, the guy behind the pillar. haha~! Thanx for your advice on my squats. Yes, I lower down my weight tonight and try to correct my squat move.

The rest of the track was as usual. I think I'm getting on the hang of it except for the clean & press is it? OK la, I will try this Friday to squat a bit on my clean & press. Chest track was getting better on the bottom halves combo. Same old challenge on the biceps and also shoulders. Yes, I still felt that the lunges track was a bit odd at the end. With the bar across the shoulders. Finished the class and chatted with 'the guy behind the pillar' and K-Bear before heading to the shower.

Got a text message after the shower from someone. So headed to Starbucks to meet up and have a long chat along with a nice cooling ice Latte. Thanx again to that someone for your ice latte. lol~! Looked at the time, almost midnight, bid farewell and saw my car being vandalised. I know who you are and I know where you stay. So better start to worry bout your car tomorrow. kekeke!!

7 Octopus:

Aleximon 2.0 said...

you blog so many stranger name...guy behind pillar, " someone"....ai yor...blur

Anonymous said...

eh... wat happened?
when I left that time car still in one piece..


BaBy OcTopUs said...

CP: Sorry la, cause I don't want to mentioned so many names in here. But someone got both the names and even the person vandalizing my cars too. Haha~!

BaBy OcTopUs said...

LGM: what time you left la? To that certain someone, just be careful of your car tonight. kekeke!!!

Aleximon 2.0 said...

guy behind the pillar = Ironman ?

"someone" = Kombat Koala ?

Who vandalise your car im sure is BQ lah

TTB said...

Is "the guy behind the pillar" called "& Co." in my blog? heh...

Oh, you were heading to Starbucks? That was when you saw me, left Starbucks, with my finger sandwich, and yes, I still need to have dinner. Haha...

And LGM's car was behind mine when I left the place, at the carpark exit.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

TTB: I am not sure if we're talkin bout the same guy or not but CP did got it right. But K-bear was the first text me with her answer. Cause she's the Queen of Kepoh~ kakaka!!

My car small problem la~ Not really any damage~ Just make it more dramatic only for the title sake. lol~!

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