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Friday, January 30

KL One Day Trip Pt.2

This is so like Deja Vu for me. The reason is that I am going down to Sg. Wang again today. This time around was to accompany her cousin to shop. So as a good BF that I am (hehehe!!), drove down to Klang early morning to pick them up and went over Pyramid for lunch with my ex colleague.

Finished lunch and headed down to Sg.Wang and shopped for 4 hours before heading back to Klang as they need to get prepare to head up Genting Highland. I can't join them this time around as I was totally exhausted from these two days activities. Not enough sleep and too much driving for me. But all for a good cause. Hopefully I'll get a good night sleep and sufficient rest tonight after skipping gym. Tomorrow is another series of appointments with my friends again. Who say holiday was supposed to be relaxing and soothing? My whole week was filled with travelling and outing which I am not complaining but it's already Friday and 2 more days to rest before starting work. I need more rest.

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