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Thursday, January 22

A Long Night @ SS2

Got a dinner appointment with my friend last night at SS2. It was the same time again last night for me every year. Queuing up in front of Bee Cheng Hiang (BCH) for their bakkwa (barbecued meat). The queue was moderate compared to last year. Maybe economy not that good this year?? Since the queue was very long decided to take our dinner first.

Went to Wai Sik Kai and ordered Char Kuey Teow which was just so so. The size of the popiah we ordered was so pathetically small. And they still charging me with RM1.60/roll. But the worst got to be the fried oyster with egg. Whole lot of eggs and flour. Oysters are those tiny small ones which even a 2 years old could swallow and felt nothing of it. Is the quality of food really that bad now days? And they are still charging me RM11 for that plate of so-called fried oyster. They should called it Fried egg with oyster rather than the other way around.

Went to Kiew's Brothers (KB) as my friend preferred their brand. No much people queuing and they were starting to close their shop around 10 that time. People come and go quite fast as all their products are pre-pack. Initially I thought of buying mine from here but since there's not much queue so I don't have the interest to get it here. I'm those people who like to fight for what I wanted and in this case queuing up for the bakkwa. But since no one was queueing up, I lost my interest in it.

Went back to BCH and the queue was still long but was moving quite fast. Jot down our orders and while waiting for our turn, tried out some of their chilly bakkwa. Price over here at BCH is higher compared to KB. But it's freshly barbecued at the back and pack in front of you. And that is what I call FRESH. Got myself two pack of minced pork meat, chicken floss and one pack of golden coin pork meat for myself to munch while driving back this Saturday. haha~! Look at the time and it's already 11pm. Time to call it a night and drove back happily with my BCH bakkwa while passing a stall by the road selling Loong Kei Bakkwa with no customer. Sad sight~!

4 Octopus:

Anonymous said...

Bee Ching Hiang best bakkwa in Singapore. A must for me every year for my family. Queue is the same at USJ Taipan also. But worth the wait.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Best in Singapore and some said PJ too. haha~! Nice hearing from some that know their bakkwa well. lol~!

Can't wait to sink my teeth into those juicy gold coin pork meat this Saturday.

Happy Chinese New Year to you.

md said...

went to taipan BCH ydy. the queue is not tat long, 6 ppl in front of me. wat anonymous said is true, i still prefer SG's BCH. taste a lot better than msia..

BaBy OcTopUs said...

BCH is the best la~ WH and KB cannot fight one la~ kakaka~ Talk like their spoke person but no commission one. haha~!

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