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Friday, January 23

Pre-CNY Escapade

I was off with my ex-colleague to an escapade in KL the whole day. Part of our pre-CNY last minute shopping cum gathering each year. It was 15 after 5 when we leave KL center but managed to be back at Sunway in less than 30 mins. But I was a bit late for Jean's class but still managed to squeezed in around 6pm. It was a power yoga class last night. Very nice with a lot of turning and twisting which I can't do much on my knees and ankle. Sigh~!

Walk around Summit trying to find any good bargain and received a call from someone. Chatted for 20mins and settled her question. Continued with Master T's class after that. He was early today. Rare~! haha!! Bro you gained some weights. And now it's time to sheds those excess weights off for you. Class was moderate with LP and MD with me. BQ was late so didn't managed to join the class. But we still had our usual minum session with QQ joining us. Called it a night around midnight and felt very good as I didn't took anything again that night. haha~! Work more, eat less is always what I said.

  1. Walking In Memphis / James Bond Theme
  2. Never Surrender
  3. Dream 2 Me
  4. Headbangerz Rock Da Floor / Cold As Ice
  5. How Far We've Come
  6. Bring The Noise
  7. I Don't Need Nobody
  8. What Hurt The Most
  9. When I Grow Up
  10. Say (All I Need)

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