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Thursday, January 1

New Year Count Down @ Genting

It was Friday afternoon when I received a SMS from my friend, Eva. She invited me and Romiko to go Genting for the count down tonight. As I mentioned earlier, I don't really like cramping with the crowd during any count down anymore after my millennium stint. But since I don't have any specific plan and I don't required to drive, so I accepted the invitation. And we planned to climb the mountain as early as 3pm. But due to some minor last minute preparation we only manged to start our journey around 4pm and reached around 5.30pm.

The hill wasn't that packed when we arrived. The crowd was normal but we still managed to get car park. Tried our luck with Highland Hotel but it was fully booked. At the end we managed to secured a room at the World Resort. Went for some late lunch at one of the restaurant. Disappointing dishes but what do you expect. But we did paid RM120 for it. Sigh~! Walk about and took some pictures around Genting. By now the crowd was really coming in.

The crowd was a little bit out of control when we were about to leave the square as some were coming out and some were trying to go in.

Had late dinner at KFC and it was also really packed. Decided to walk over to our cars to get our baggage's when we got stuck outside the resort. It's half to midnight. I guess everyone was gathering outside by now to wait for the count down. No choice, so we waited for half and hour outside with thousand of people. Actually it's not that bad, at least it's cold and not hot. At the stroke of midnight we were feasted with 8 minutes of non stop fire works. Don't get me wrong, I witnessed some fire works before but not this close. It was really spectacular. Can't explain the feeling but the sound, the lights the ambiance. It's really fantastic.

Finally managed to get back to our hotel after some really nasty jam along the journey. People were pushing and shoving as some were from the opposite direction. But we made it to our room in one piece. Bath and enjoy the night in the room. It was really a nice and cozy. Looked at the traffic from our room and it was really nasty. Loads of cars were still coming up and it's a very long crawl up. We can even see the whole KL from our room crystal clear. What a sight.

Woke up around noon and check out. But not before enjoying the view of the morning sky at one of the highest resort in Malaysia. I can really wake up with this view for the rest of my life. Nice~! It's 2009 and everything is brand new beginning of today. So hopefully all the bad stuff will be gone and all the good ones will come one by one. lol~!

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