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Saturday, January 3

I Survived BB, BP & BC Tonight

It's just another day at gym on a Friday night. But it was my first Body Balance class for this new release. So how's the new release? The moves are more simplified but they require us to hold a pose more longer. Well that is what I felt anyway. It makes us work more as we need to hold a pose more longer. So there's no fancy moves or poses. Most of the tracks were normal except for the abs track where we were required to do a commando crawl. That was a bit odd but it does work the abs.

Continued with K-Bear's pump class later on. It wasn't that packed tonight as most of the members were still hang over? or still on holiday I guess. Anyway, it was a good work out. As promised I did the challenge for the class. As I said before, it wasn't as much intense as the previous few launches. I don't really like the music that much too. Well that is my 2 cents la.

Body Combat was my 4th class for the day. Yup I did combat twice tonight again. Anyway, my legs were a bit tired during track 3. Too much speed ball and shuffle around. During track 6, legs were really tired but after the short break, it was back to normal. My energy can really recover really fast. Even during the short break for a drink. My heart beat can slow down really fast. Is it good or normal? Good thing is that I can go on and on and on like a Duracell bunny. lol~! Challenge again for Track 9 and after the plank at the end. My whole body was so tired. It was really a bloody good work out.

Went for minum as usual, QQ introduced a new member to us, Christine is it? Actually not new also la, her first class here as she's normally do Axis and Curve. MD, QQ, CP and me discussed on MD's cum CNY dinner. Decided to do it on the 17th. Venue wise, still pending either TT @ SS17 or Imperial @ Jaya33 or back to Pantai Seafood.

Weights: Warm Up:5kgs; Squats: 16kgs; Chest: 8.5kgs; Back; 11kgs; Triceps: 2.5kgs & 10kgs; Biceps: 6kgs; Lunges; 5kgs; Shoulders; 5kgs

4 Octopus:

CareBear said...

Well Done!

Weights selections were great! But.. tempo too fast, my dear.. Hee heeSingle Squat and the 2 bottom halves chorus.. Especially the slow bottom halves for chest. and... Your triple wide rows.. A bit jerking, as well as the traget zone was too low towards the hips as I saw. Gotta hit the ribs. =)

And ... track 9 for combat.. the combo also need to slow down...

But madness la you! 4 classes in a row! so, considered well done la.

BB this time, track 5 actually quite challenging for ppl with tight quadriceps (But very good stretch for the quad, hips as well as knee alignment). track 3 standing strength quite challenging as well. Track 6 is challeging to hold the twisting bicycle long and in perfect alignment, with middle section not moving but lift both shoulders off the floor. =) The current release for BB need a few times to grow in you, comparing to the last. But still a good release!

Anonymous said...

wat? 4classes ? crazy fler....

6tracks and i'm out for the whole morning... Bugger...

BaBy OcTopUs said...

K-BeaR: The chore part for the whole release still need 1 or 2 classes to familiarize. But like I said before, I just need to know the music more better. But then again, to familiarize with the music, I need to love the music, but sadly to say, I don't really like the new release. Ironic. But will try my best to correct it.

Track 9 combat, OK, that was my fault as my shoulder and arms were like tafu at that time. lol~! But will definitely work on it. But even Justin was 'curi tulang' in the launch. lol~!!!

4 in a row. Well OK la. :)

Yup the hip opener is it with the one lying on the back with both legs going in circle the opposite direction. That was a bit odd but very effective. Yup, do need time to let the new release to grow into me. :)

BaBy OcTopUs said...

LGM: sup sup water la~ haha~ the hard part was actually sneaking into CF for BC. hahaha~!!!

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