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Wednesday, February 11

A Good Work Out

Although it's Tuesday yesterday but it felt like Monday to me the whole day. As it was the first day of work and my usual Monday morning meeting and all. But I am so glad that it's already Wednesday right now as I am just a couple hour away from my business trip down South. South as in Johor and not Australia. Snake out early today to check out a handphone which I might consider getting myself soon. As I am quite feed up with my current SE850i which gave me so much problem. And don't get me started with the name book lagging which I think those who use SE should realized by now. My new interest would be the new Nokia's 5600 Express Music. But still considering.

Went to gym and was just on time as I was waiting for a car park outside my usual spot. Bryan's step class was as usual energetic and we finished off with a great list of songs. My legs are still holding on but was a bit shaky on the lunges. Sigh~! Continued with Sue's pump class. What can I say of the class tonight? Well let's just say I never did all the tracks before and it was a very nice work out. Warm up was a bit the same with the previous release where we did the lunges before the squats. Slow but still alright. The squats was strong with a lot of singles and bottom halves. Chest was nice as we did a lot of singles and bottom halves too. Clean & press looks tough as we have 3 similar sets with 4 clean & press continued with 4 singles and 2 sets of triple rolls.

Can add some additional weights to Triceps as we have some dips at the end of the track. We have two bottom halves and continued with an extension. A nice combo where we can really work our triceps. Biceps was strong and straight forward with some slow moves and lots of bottom halves. But it's still alright. Lunges was getting weird as we did some squats in it too. Shoulder track was tiring as we started we some bench push up continued with plates and to bar for and back to the board and plates and bars to the end. Conditioning was great with side planks and hover to the end with some really long period of knee lifting. It was some old tracks but we have fun doing it.

Master T was late last night due to some meeting but still managed to finished the class with some marathon tracks. haha~! Cool la bro, we can do this marathon thingy once a while hor. Although you're rushing but you still managed to get most of the chore correctly, power!! LOL!!

  1. Ready 2 Go / Rock This Party
  2. Beat It
  3. Come With Me
  4. Bagpipes
  5. Don't You Wanna Feel
  6. U + Ur Hand
  7. Party Non Stop
  8. What Hurt The Most
Damn I sweat a lot during the whole class tonight. It was really a good work out for me tonight. Stamina is back and techniques is getting better. Must work more cause gonna be away for three days.

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