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Monday, February 2

Still Struggling

Today is the first day of work after the long holiday. No meeting but I did submit my weekly report. Stayed in the office the whole day with the whole colleagues. Was discussing what the market will be with the news of industrial sector being down sized and all. It's gonna be a tough tough year for us all. Finished the day and drove to The Curve for gym. Found a short cut cutting through the housing area in Uptown beating the jam on the main road. Woo Hoo~! Me and my sense of direction.

I was listening on the new radio 88.1 FM where they are talking bout how blur are ladies drivers and all. A lot of ladies did called up and said that they are not the only one blur and some were really rough and brave speeding through the traffic like some guys. OK, if you ask me, majority were blur drivers. This from my 10 years of driving experience on the road. I was turning into the car park while listening to it and I saw a black Honda City driving up from the entrance heading to me. WTF!!! No money for guessing what is the gender of the driver. Yes, it's a girl. Damn kau blur~!

Managed to make it early for class and have a walk looking for a perfume for myself since my CK Eternity Summer L.E is gonna finish soon. I had my eye on the new CKIn2U but the promoter recommended me the new Bvlgari for men which was really nice and so is the price. Asked some friends and they too agreed that Bvlgari is better. Bvgari selling 100mL @ RM295 whereas CK 100mL @ RM200. Hopefully someone saw this post and decided to buy one for me for my coming birthday. lol~!!!

Body Combat class was packed as usual and we did some really predictable tracks, well at least for me. But it was a nice class. I think Master C class is getting more informative. Some improvement on the explanation and slowing down the pace. But still intense. Good work out. My stamina really wasn't back as I wasn't able to jump that much during Track 7. Damn it. Continued with K-Bear's class and I know it's gonna kill me tonight. So cut down on my squats weight as I wanted to correct my techniques. Some predictable tracks but as always when I heard you say that we did the same song for just now for clean & press, sweats is running down my forehead, What Hurt The Most. Damn it~! Bicep was really tough with Eye of The Tiger. Finished the class and K-Bear gave me some feedback on my techniques. Thanx again dear. A very tiring night for me. And tomorrow are 3 classes on a row, god bless me!

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