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Monday, February 23

Malaysian's Driver Pt.1

Had some close encounter this afternoon while going for my appointment. NO! Not those Ah Piow encounter but car to car kissing action. I was driving to BU toll and as normal I will just drive smoothly following the car in front of me (Smart Tag ma). There was this red old jeep in front of me and I, like normal, was following him and out of a sudden I felt that the jeep wasn't moving at all. WTF??!!! I quickly step on my break hard. And so was the car at the back which maneuvered to the other lane as not to hit me. WTF is the front car doing? I found out that he was making sure that the car in front of him passed clear through the gate and only started to move. WTF!!! He didn't even realized what happened at the back. I was hoking him and he was just selamba driving so slow even after the gate. WTH??!!!! Speechless!!!

Managed to make it for Riyo's Step class tonight. One thing I found out from the class. Although the members are quite veterans but there is not much mood in the class or power. Cannot compared to Brian's class on Tuesday. No shouting, no screaming no nothing. I was the only one shouting and some started to follow and that's it. Sad~! Continued with Master C's Combat class and as usual damn pack. Doing something similar to the old track he said, are you sure bro? haha! But it was a good class. Sorry for the muay tai but you know my style lor hor. Continued with K-Bear's Pump class which I had requested quite a few numbers of tracks. It's not that tough right? Biceps track wasn't that tough la dear. And I thought that you were gonna do Let Me Entertain You. Nevertheless, your class will always be that tough. hehe!

  1. Apache Rock Bottom
  2. Final Countdown
  3. Feel Alive
  4. Rock Me Armadues
  5. How Far We've Come
  6. Stamp
  7. The 6th Gate
  8. Welcome To The Black Parade
  9. Not Gonna Get Us
  10. Du Hast

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