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Thursday, February 5

Sharp Pain On The Elbow

Lately my left elbow is giving me some problem. Problem as in sharp pain when tension is on the arm. I had these pain during warm up of pump class and now yoga. I think it's due to the clean & press that I did for the class. The pain started around 1 month ago. And it just escalated slowly from there. I think I need to cut down on cold drinks for starter and try to take more Ca & Mg.

Anyway, just found out from Jean that there is a new Yoga establishment on the 10th floor of Summit. It's a new place own by a couple where half of the place is run by the foreigner husband for his business while the other half by the Indonesian wife for yoga classes. It's now in the process of renovating the place. There is 3 studios over there and according to Jean the place had some really nice view of USJ and Subang Jaya from the studios. And the showers are and I quote "to die for". lol~!! She will most probably be taking up some classes over there and that means giving up FF as the they do not appreciate yoga instructors that much.

There were some new students joining combat tonight and some return newbies from last week. Damn my chore was out tonight. lol~! It was a nice work out overall and we did sweat it out except for BQ who was so dry at the end of the class. lol~!!! After class had some drinks and heard some startling news. Called my resource to verify the authenticity and found out that it's not what we all guess. haha~! What a long night.

  1. Summer of 69 / I Never Liked You Anyway
  2. Born To Be Wild
  3. Mangas Verdes
  4. Push It
  5. Power of Love
  6. Bad & Sexy
  7. Shake
  8. Believe In Me
  9. Sound of The Underground
  10. Now We Are Free

2 Octopus:

Aleximon 2.0 said...

old already, try take some multi vit lah....GNC got , not bad. Buy 1 free 1 with sms. : )

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Ya la. Need multi vits or something. Old man already. Maybe cause hit the number 3 already so all pain also come out. hahaha!!!

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