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Wednesday, February 4

Thinking Positively

I had one bad day today. It all started when I was running late for a breakfast appointment with my ex-colleague with my babe at Pyramid. So stop by my house to pick up my babe. But once I wanted to start my car, nothing happened. Huh? Turn the ignition again, same thing. Fark~! Turn turn turn but still the same. Suspect is the battery so use my jumper cable to get some 'power' from Romiko's car. Still the same. Fark~!! What happened. Seemed like something wrong with my timing belt but I'd just changed it 2 months back. Could it really be that bad?

The workshop next to my house was closed so no luck getting help there. So walk up further a bit to another workshop who specialize in Mercedes cars. The fella saw my jumper and said it was too thin and used his thick cable to jump start. Turn ignition key and my car start to come alive. Hallelujah~! Asked Romiko to go ahead with the appointment as we were late close to 30mins already. Found a shop selling battery and drove my car in and get a new battery. Rm230 burnt. But thinking back, I was lucky that my car didn't broke down inside my company's basement rather outside where someone can check on it. So it's not all bad actually come to think of it. Or is it?

Drove my car to my authorize workshop and have my car service as that was my initial plan. Send car service and meet up for breakfast and collect my car afterward. My ex-colleague came over to pick me up and off we went to Pyramid. Workshop called saying break pad need to be changed, hold on to your horses. Put it back I told him. Don't change anything just do the normal service. Too expensive to get the spare parts from the place will go Segambut to get the parts more economical. Another RM150 burnt. Sigh!

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