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Thursday, February 26

What A Small World Pt.3

P.J is definitely a very small place and we can bump into anyone now days. So what happened to me today? Well, I was out having lunch with an old friend in TTDI when I saw a familiar face walking from the back of the restaurant. TTB!! Yes, I saw you dear and quickly wave a bit to you. I think your colleague noticed that when she gave me a why-is-this-crazy-guy-waving-at-me look. She was coming to this place having with her colleague and since the place is full, I had offered my table to them. Such gentleman ler. LOL!!! Found out that she work in the same building as my friend and just two floors apart. What a small small world. : )

It was raining super heavy late afternoon. Decided to do some last minute banking and rush over to RSH for the warehouse sales. Thought of getting a shoe bag for my babe but unfortunately it's out of stock. But my visit wasn't all for nothing, as I managed to get myself two shirts. Wasn't able to make it for Jean's class as I was a bit late so decided to roamed around Summit. Master T's class was very enjoyable as always. Did some old tracks and some last minute request. After class had our usual minum session or should I say makan tonight. Still raining when we left, should be a nice slumbering sleep tonight. : )
  1. Angel / Dancing Up A Storm
  2. Roof Is On Fire
  3. Calling From Tokyo
  4. Zombie
  5. Skater Boy
  6. Shut Up & Drive
  7. Check Your Head
  8. Neck Breaker
  9. Dance Floor Anthem
  10. I'll Stand By You

4 Octopus:

Little Princess said...

LOL... yeah what a small world!!

I also bumped into ur girl with her sis yesterday in Atria Nando's.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Is it? Wow~ Such a small world. OK la. Small town la. Not being too dramatic here. :)

TTB said...

Small world small world!!! Almost couldn't believe it's you! And you are like our guardian angel come to our rescue. We were REALLY hungry, that was our second lunch place because we couldn't find space at the previous one.

My colleagues said thanks too to the gentlemen. ;)

BaBy OcTopUs said...

At least my good intention was felt and appreciated :) See yer next Monday.

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