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Wednesday, February 18

Thank You For The Memories~!

Was too tired to blog bout my dinner yesterday and too busy to do it today morning. So just wanna make this short and thanx everyone from BKLTL group of members for the dinner. Especially MD for organizing this and BQ for booking the place. Although I didn't have to pay for the dinner but on behalf of the others who did, thanx to CP and Guan Teck who has the discount card for the place. Was happy to see that KNSQ could make it for the dinner and David too since I or we rather didn't meet you for so long. The last outing was end of last year during BQ's birthday and you didn't make it for MD's birthday early this year. Most of the members were sick or ill but all of us did have fun and we went for second round at Friendster with Master C joining us. Thanx again bro for dropping by. Last but not least, thanx again all for the pre-birthday celebration.

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