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Thursday, February 19

Sick Anyone?

Why is everyone getting sick now days? Is it the weather or is it the economy that causes this epidemic. OK, it's a bit too dramatic to say that it's an epidemic. MD is out due to HFM, K-Bear got some strange unknown allergy, my girl is having sore throat and mild fever and the list goes on. No wonder pharmaceutical sector is doing so well.

Anyway, was really busy with work this week. A few problem to be sorted out and managed to settled it today or most of it anyway. Not sure to join any classes or not tonight but since so many friends did ENCOURAGE me to go (in FB) so there I was doing Jean's yoga class. I think her class is getting more and more members by the day. My injured left ankle is giving some slight pain while my left elbow is having the usual pain during the class. I really need ot get my supplements now. Continued with Master T's class and damn the class was packed tonight. Where does all the members come from? Heck, there were even one pregnant women in the class (or is she just plump???)

  1. Writing On The Wall / Because The Night
  2. The United Vibe
  3. Addicted To Love
  4. Jigga Jigga
  5. Hymn
  6. Bring The Noise
  7. Let The Beat Control Your Body
  8. Sea Of Love
  9. Gonna Fly Now
  10. Because We Believe

2 Octopus:

Aleximon 2.0 said...

suddenly so many people sick..., hope they all get well soon lah. BO, why you didnt plan to visit them , so that we can bring durian and bah gua together....lolz

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Cause their decease will sometimes be contagious one la. haha! Later you bring them durian but you bring back their deceases. LOL!

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