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Sunday, March 8

Hectic Hectic Week

This week had got to be one of those super packed and busy for me. As my sister is having her wedding yesterday, there was a rehearsal during last Wednesday before I left for my trip to Labuan the next day. I came back on Friday afternoon but needed to rush back to office to settle some paper work and some serious matters. Head was really light that day as I didn't have enough to eat maybe. So before going to gym, I took an early dinner and went to gym. Skipped Step class as I was not in the mood for it and I decided to cut down on my Step classes.

Joined K-Bear's Pump class and it was some familiar tracks from last Monday. Nevertheless, it was a good work out. Found a new spot at the back and was getting comfortable of it now. LOL!!! Was really getting better on the squats and also clean & press now days. Practice really do make perfect. Continued with Combat class after that and it was quite quiet tonight as MD, QQ and KNSQ wasn't here tonight. So it was just SOS, FP and me. Didn't go for minum as FP don't have visa, SOS need to rest early for next morning trip back PR and I need to rush to my sis hen's night dinner. Yes, you heard me right.

  1. Summer of 69' / Because The Night
  2. Everybody Screaming!
  3. Magic Touch
  4. Zombie
  5. Don't Stop Me Now
  6. Hung Up
  7. Let The Beat Control Your Body
  8. U R My Phantasy
  9. Dance Floor Anthem
  10. The World In Union 95

2 Octopus:

Sweeie said...

Who is FP? =S

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Who is FP ar? FP = Fred Perry. LOL!!!

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