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Thursday, March 19

I Survived Body Pump 69 & Body Combat 39 @ Pavillion

Yes, I had decided to go for True Fitness launch tonight. Since Master T passed me some VIP free passes so I thought why not. Arrived quite early as I thought of joining Body Pump launch over there. Went in and saw Wanie and Jason coming in after me. Since Jason is interested in joining the pump class so we quickly changed and get our boards. Damn the class was pack. So I had decided to place our board at the back of the class. Two girls instructors were launching but didn't catch their names. Quite skinny for a pump instructor, so it's not that convincing. Everything was OK but the whole class was quite dull even for a normal class. Well there is some normal shout here and there but that was it. But I do like their equipments as it's brand new.

Quickly get a spot next to the stage as the others combaters are waiting patiently outside to come in. As the four instructors, Master T, Lorraine, Kelvin and Simone went on stage, the rest of the members quickly came in and take their places. Damn pack but luckily I was in front so still can kick and shuffle. Master T kick off the class from Track 1 till 3.

He was shouting all the way to boost the crowd before passing the mic to Lorraine who did Track 4 till 6. I think she's a bit tired as her techniques was a bit off. Kelvin took over from Muay Tai and power track. Damn he's really a power bunny as he was so pump up and ready to go. Heck I was pump too as I can't wait to do Track 7. But he did the same mistake twice for both side. WTH??!!! And the last cool down is lead by Master T as predicted. Simone not leading tonight as she's just shadowing but her technique and choreograph was precise.

Had a talk outside the studio with Master T, Lorraine and Simone bout the release and all. Heck we even get some new ideas for the cool down. LOL!!! Bath and went for makan quickly as it's almost 10pm and they close early. Had a bowl of Taiwan beef noodle soup and damn it was filling. Was going to the car park when I forgot which floor I park. Damn I looked almost every floor. But finally found my car after some suspense moment. Stupid Pavilion car park.

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