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Saturday, March 21

From South to North

It was definitely a long day for me yesterday. Again, if anyone of you didn't saw me online (MSN) for the whole day, it could only mean I am too busy to online. Starting from early morning, I drove over Senawang for site seeing and also meeting with the engineers at Samsung. Luckily I had managed to arrived early and try to finish early too as I had another meeting after lunch at Sg. Buloh. So I quickly drove to Sg. Buloh overhead bridge to wait for my contractor to bring him over the factory. But the customer couldn't make it earlier so it's back to the earlier plan. Spent one hour having lunch there while waiting for my contractor. Got everything done around 4pm and reached home to take a bath before driving down KBT to give my babe a surprise. Yes, she didn't know that I'll be coming down to fetch her as I told her I was tired from driving the whole day. Yes, she's surprised and very happy that I am there. Mission accomplished.

Started the first class with K-Bear's pump class. Unfortunately we're not doing the new release but nevertheless we had a list of good tracks waiting for us. As I had requested for the biceps track last night. But surprisingly I wasn't that struggling during the biceps compared to last Tuesday during Sue P's class. But my tummy was giving me some problem, I think it got air so I walk out during the 9th track. Babe joined us with Body Combat after her Yoga class with Chris. Class was pack tonight with lots of newbies. Babe managed to finish the whole class in one piece. Have to give her credit for that as she can't even finish track 3 previously when she'd just join.

Went for minum session and we decided to change the venue this time around. So SOS, FP me and babe went to Kwai Sum for some late supper. Yes, I even had Hokkien Noodle with extra lard. Fattening but why care so much. LOL!!! Had a long talk bout Ah Piow again tonight and our trip up North this coming month. Even saw some FF instructors sitting next to our table but didn't know their names. LOL! I think one of them is TD??!!

  1. Stuck On You
  2. The Whistle Song
  3. Move Ur Ass
  4. Tribal Dance
  5. How Far We've Come
  6. Full Metal Jackass
  7. Hardcore Paradise
  8. Sea of Love
  9. Sound of The Underground
  10. World in Union 95

4 Octopus:

Little Princess said...

There was only one instructor la, the other one was member from consplant. :)

TTB said...

Hmm... is your TD same with my TD? must exchange notes one of these days on nicknames... haha... I haven't tried new pump or combat release, hopefully this Monday...

BaBy OcTopUs said...

LP: Ya Ya, my bad. One of them is an instructor (RPM??) and the other is only a member. Forgot :)

TTB: Yes, we're talking bout the same TD here. LP told me it's the same. :P

Yes, we need to have lunch and discuss on these nicks :P

Anonymous said...

Correction again:
Track 3 - Move ur Ass

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