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Wednesday, March 4

It's Final ~!

Yes, finally it's confirmed that I am going to Labuan this coming Thursday. After a series of discussion between my manager and MD, we come to a conclusion that although it's just a short meeting but still it's worth the trip. I know my manager think that the trip isn't that worth while as we must spend the rest of the day over just for an appointment but my MD think other wise. Well as for me, I have no argument as it's my customer and I am happy that I am going over to meet them finally. So anyone know what's interesting in Labuan?

Decided to join Brian's Step class tonight and it was right on as it was a good work out for me. Trying to cut down on the Step classes from 3 classes to 1. My ankle still hurt a bit from the much cardio classes I attended previously. Finally am able to join Sue P.'s class tonight. Class was pack but still able to stretch my arms and legs. Master T class too was pack tonight. And I thought it was gonna be a quiet class tonight due to the thunder storm (which didn't actually happen at the end). Had minum session tonight with CP joining us for gym tonight. Wah really long didn't see you hor.

  1. Summer of 69 / James Bond Theme
  2. The Final Countdown
  3. Fly Away
  4. We Will Survive
  5. The Best Damn Thing
  6. Anything for Love
  7. The 6th Gate
  8. What Hurt The Most
  9. Let's Get It Started
  10. When Love & Hate Collides

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