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Monday, March 2

To Go Or Not To Go??

I was informed by my MD that I would need to make a trip to Labuan this Wednesday. Even my manager announced the same news in the meeting this morning. So most of the arrangement had been made. I even booked a hotel room over there. But due to some arrangement issues from both parties, we had decided to postponed the meeting to middle or end of the month. So I had informed my customer and suddenly my MD told us to just pay him a visit. OMG, how am I supposed to tell my customer that when I had already mentioned to him that we won't be coming over. The thing is that my manager do not want to waste our time by just going over to meet him and not visiting the site. But my MD had other idea, and suggested that we should visit the customer even if we didn't managed to visit the site. So I am trapped in between. The messenger boy. Sigh!

Decided to skipped Riyo's Step class as my ankle is still a bit sore. Luckily didn't miss much as Riyo wasn't teaching tonight. Class wasn't that pack tonight although it's still a full house. Suggested most of the tracks (BC) tonight and it was all a good work out. K-Bear's Pump class as usual was tough but was disappointed on the biceps track. Yes, you saw my surprised face when the track had finished. Anyway, will improve my downward row timing next time.

  1. Think About The Way /Panjabi MC
  2. Born To Be Wild
  3. Magic Touch
  4. Tribal Dance
  5. Hymn
  6. Bring The Noise
  7. Hardcore Paradise
  8. What Hurt The Most
  9. Gonna Fly Now
  10. World In Union 95

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