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Sunday, March 22

MD's House Warming

This is one long day for me and my babe. I woke up early in the morning to do my laundry before getting a call from my bro asking me to go over his house for breakfast. So we went over and had a short breakfast before heading off to Puchong to meet the real estate agent that show us some houses behind Tesco. Location wise is really good as it's so near to Tesco, I think it's less than 5 minutes drive away. And the price is so reasonable too. Moreover it's already completed. But the house is built on top of a mining land and is a list hold. Wasted~! Drove back to Putra Prima to show my parents the house me and my bro had decided to buy.

After the whole house hunting, managed to coaxed my parents to follow us for some shopping at The Curve. Damn it was jam going over that day. Maybe it's due to school holidays and all. We reached The Curve around 30 minutes. Had late lunch and finally call it a day around 4.30pm. Had another outing later at 6pm. We're all invited to MD's new house at Setia Alam. So I only managed to take a short shut eye and my head is a bit ache after that. Equipped with my trusty GPS, I managed to locate MD's house with ease.

We all went to Boston for dinner and went back to his house to chill. Toured the whole house, watched a movie and had lots of drinks and snacks in between. Left around 1.30pm is it? I am so tired but I am so awake as I drank a lot of coffee that day. LOL!

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we forgot to take photo

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