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Sunday, March 8

Onitsuka Tiger 2009 Spring/Summer Series

Woke up damn early this morning. Don't know why but I slept around 3am this morning but woke up around 7.45am. So went out and look for Coco. Yes, he's been missing for 4 days. Can't really traced where he is. Sigh~! Miss my tiger. So decided to go over Midvalley today for some market boosting again. LOL!! Saw Japanese fair at MV but didn't managed to get anything. But saw a booth selling Amino Collagen, interesting.

Found out that they are selling the new Tokidoki Lawnship 2nd Series at Sole What. Although it's also Tokidoki series, but the previous one looks more cartoon-ish and this one is a bit more mature. But I guess I like the previous edition as there's more animation on it.

They have 3 colors over there and another one for women. No, I didn't get one as I promised my babe I won't buy it since I just changed my handphone two days ago. But it's still a nice shoe. So for those who like Tokidoki as much as I do, can try this one out since it's a Limited Edition.

Saw a very familiar Japanese character at the Concourse, Yes it's Hello Kitty by Mac. So cute. Continued with my shopping and bumped into Jason K. as he was waiting for his wife. Chat a while with him before continuing with my jalan session. Spent 5 hours over at Gardens and MV. Just managed to bought groceries for my house rather then for myself. Left around 5.30pm and was stuck in a jam at Federal Highway. Anyone know what happened?

7 Octopus:

md said...

i still like the Mexico 66's model.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

This one definitely not Mexico 66, but the previous one I think is. Yes, previous one more better. But this one we can wear la cause not too YOUNG. haha!

FP said...

i really beh tahan already, must write something here lah. actaully hor i dun wan to write this commnet de loh... but once c the Onitsukatiger blog i must write something. Ya loh. previous version is more nice leh. i also forget to tell u that day. mid valley also got one shop call 3.6 forget the name already. near by jaspel shop there. dun know that shop got or not..... next time u can goto that shop check also.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

LOL~! I know u sure beh tahan one la. I am waiting for u to comment onli. kakaka!

Yes, I think I went to that store too. Little choices only. I think Sole What got more choices.

Yes, previous one sure looks nicer :)

FP said...

u really KNS, make my hand itchy to write the comment on here loh. wah. now like to shop at sole what already hor. that shop no bad de loh. got alot choices also. but i still like go to pavillion TANG's.

Guan Teck said...

BO, when you shop at Sole what, u didnt see the white color tiger for this Onitsuka Tiger Tokidoki, i saw thier website got white color de woh... no bad also. the design a bit simple leh.... http://solewhat.blogspot.com/2009/02/onitsuka-tiger-x-tokidoki-2.html

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Yes, I saw that one also too. It's all white with blue stripes if I am not mistaken. It's normal Fencing LA style with Tokidoki on it lor.

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