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Monday, March 30

So Tired

This morning was quite rush for me as I had made an appointment last week with a customer at Klang in the morning and didn't realized that I normally had meeting on the first day of the week. How 'big head prawn' can I be. Called up the customer to reschedule and make it after lunch. So quickly settled all my proposals and problems before going out. Actually I need to stay back for the marketing meeting for this coming year strategy but I managed to squeezed myself out of it with the excuse of meeting up with the customer for lunch.

But in reality I had asked K-Bear for lunch as I am passing by her office. So we had BKT nearby her office. Damn the dry BKT was nice. Didn't managed to 'blog' bout it as I didn't brought my camera with me. One thing I hate bout my new phone is the 3.2MP camera. Damn lousy. Really cannot compare with SonyEricssons camera phone at all. Even a 2MP SE phone is better than mine. You can see the result from my two previous blog on the Loong Foong Roast Duck and Bellygood. Really miss my 5MP K850i right now.

Finished my appointments and drove back to office to do the forecast for this coming new year and month. Look at the time and it's around 6pm and I quickly log off and left for TC. Not much jam tonight. Lucky~! Changed and walked around TC looking for Nokia shop to get an additional stylus. But they didn't have stock. Stupid~! Master C's class was pack as usual but luckily I managed to get a spot right in front but I wasn't myself tonight as I was quite bored with the release already. Sigh~! Continued with K-Bear's pump class which turned out to be worst as I am so so so tired of the squats and back track. And we still have 2 more weeks to go. Oh god~! And Sue P is not teaching tomorrow, so do I skip the class and just do BS and BC? Sigh~!

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