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Tuesday, March 31

Watch Where You Park

Something bad or rather sad happened tonight after gym. We were all happy chatting after Master T's class, when suddenly one of the member came in and ask for our help to change her tyres at the basement. Some how one of the tyre got puncture according to her. MD and me offered to help her to change the tyre (gentleman ma~!!). So we followed her to the basement and saw the flat tyre. Then suddenly we found out that the other tyre on the passenger side was also inflated. WTF??!!

This has got to be someones dirty work. We're thinking you can possibly get two flat tyres at the same time. MD found that there is some small stones in the cover of the nozzle. It seemed that someone placed the small stones to let the air out slowly. From the security guards info, they had asked FF to call upon the member 3 times during that time but as she was in the studio, so she didn't heard the announcement. S our guess that it was done by the owner of that spot. Yes, it's a reserved spot. But it was pass 7pm when she park her car. But according to the guard, the owner are entitle for the spot for the whole day and not just 9 to 5.

At the end, I got an idea of asking her to get some other members in the club who drove the same MyVi as her and borrow a spare tyre from them. Luckily some guy was so good to borrow his tyre for her. And the rest is history. We were all very surprised that someone would go to that length to sabotage her car. Sigh~! Malaysian~! Damn Pai Seh to know that someone did that to another person. One tyre I understand but two? Darn stupid~!

4 Octopus:

Aleximon 2.0 said...

check CCTV mah

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Don't think got any CCTV around the area. Was checking for it yesterday night but didn't saw one. Bad management ... Sigh~!

Guan Teck said...

Aiyoh! then scary loh! park inside pun macam ini. damn bad management and security also.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

That's why we always park outside. Worst case kena saman lar. LOL! Choi Choi Choi!!!

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