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Thursday, April 30

Body Step 76 Sizzler - Updated Playlist

Welcome Space Cadets! The space and time travelling themes in BODYSTEP® 76 are out of this world – you’ll really need to get your imagination going as you enter the BODYSTEP® zone! Christina Aguilera sums Track 2 up nicely with Keeps Gettin’ Better. The Rocker – a great warmup for your hip flexors – makes a welcome return, before you lift the heart rate and add some flava in Track 3. Track 4 is simple and athletic – turn up the heat and pick up your feet.

Intensity will be lifted with Jumping Jacks and High Knee Runs. Get ready to shoot some hoops in Track 5. The Squat Taps will fire up the gluteals before you leap high for the Slam Dunk – it’s a great mix of strength and cardio work. You’ll love the Moonwalk in Track 6 to Venus Or Mars before your gluteals are challenged once again in Track 7 with the Back-Stepping Lunge & Half Squat Combo and the Repeater Combo. Have some fun with the Beyoncé-inspired Party Step Track – make sure you bring some Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) attitude to your moves. You’ll enjoy Track 9 which is also a flava track – performance is in the house with The Time Warp! Track 10 is all about power with Repeaters, Over The Tops and advanced move Moonwalk Part 2.

After grueling core-conditioning and leg-strength exercise and a triceps workout, you’ve certainly earned your warm-down to The Pussycat Dolls’ Space. So dust off your moon boots, get ready for takeoff, and enjoy!

1a. In the Air - MCX & PI
1b. Twilight Zone - Body Tronixx
2. Keeps Gettin’ Better - Christina Aguilera
3. Step Back in Time - Global Nation feat. Simone F
4. Start It - Annie Lee
5. Space Jam - Tone Tonic
6. Venus Or Mars - East Blokk
7. Up (Wideboy’s Remix) - The Saturday’s
8. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) - Freakmaster
9. The Time Warp - Karamelody
10. Walkin In the Neon - Arms of Dub
11a. Planet Claire - Tecnologik
11b. 21st Century Life - Sam Sparro
12. Space - The Pussycat Dolls

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