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Wednesday, April 29

RPM PT Session

MD called me during lunch asking me which gym should we join for RPM tonight. Well, the best bet would be Uptown as we have the choice to join Vincent or Stephanie's class. I intended to join a back to back RPM class as there wasn't much time gap in between the classes. I heard that Vincent is quite new but I still give him a chance (as I am not that picky, kakaka!). As for Stephanie, well I heard lots of good things bout her, so it's time to try her out, I mean her class. So I am able to coaxed MD to do a back to back RPM class with me tonight.

Vincent is quite young I guess, as he mentioned that he's taking one week leave next week to study for his exam? Anyway, his class is alright. Better than I thought it would be. Intensity is there and vocal is clear too. Tracks selection is a mixture of old and new which is good. Finished the class in a pool of sweat and rest for a while before heading for Stephanie's class. Yes, she remembered both of us when she shouted both our names out loud when we entered the studio. Subang members, she called us. LOL! Her coaching is clear and pre-cue is right on. Track selection was damn tough. Especially Track 5 and 7 (send me an angel). She was really pushing both of us to the max. Well sitting right in front of her doesn't really gave us much of a choice to 'snake' tonight. LOL!

It was totally a good work out we had tonight. After the class we even had RPM PT session from her. As I had asked for her advice on my pull back. She was really attentive to my techniques during the class and advice me what I had done wrong. My shoulders moved too much and it's open too wide. She even advice us on the timing during the standing climb. Follow the beat, but it's so damn hard when your resistance is so damn hard. Arghh~!!! Since QQ confirmed she's gonna teach tomorrow, so gonna put what I learn tonight to test tomorrow. Oh, hopefully I can still drive the next day for my Penang trip.

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