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Wednesday, April 8

RM 55.16

That is the amount which I owe the government after filling up the BE form for the year of 2008. Well actually I could always write in something under the purchase of books and magazines like my other friends did and that way the government will owe me back few hundred ringgit. LOL! But since I am a good citizen and an honest tax payer, I will do fulfill my duty and pay the tax. What the heck, it's just RM 55.16. E-filling is so damn easy to do. Just make sure that you kept a sample of the previous year and just referred back and you will be able to finish it in a jiffy. No queues and taking leave to submit your BE form doing this. Sweet~!

Been running up and down to Kemuning Utama today meeting up with my bro and another friend to check out the remaining units again. Finally decided to make a small down payment for one of the unit. And now am preparing the documentation for the loan with the banks. Hopefully will be able to pass everything to them tomorrow as I had already started the process since Monday. Pay slips, bank statement, BE, EA, EPF forms and letter of employment. Should be complete already since I had already submitted my BE today. Loan shouldn't be any problem since the banker had calculated my salary and all. Another big milestone in my life which I made today.Hopefully my bro will get the house over there too, so at least we can cover each other more easier.

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