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Sunday, April 26

I Am Very Tired This Weekend~!

I think I just slept less than 10 hours in less than two days as I woke up as early as 8am this morning. Reason? Beats me. Well since I woke up so early, I decide to drop by DKSH warehouse sales this morning. What a disappointment. There wasn't much items left during the second last day. This is why I don't like going on the second day. But still I managed to grab some M&Ms and Snickers bar. Called bro up and decided to meet up for lunch at The Curve. We had discussion on the renovation of our house again and shared some ideas.

Reached home around 3pm and quickly grab some rest as I got a wedding dinner to attend tonight. It was a last minute request from my sis as her husband can't make it. Well since the venue was in Sunway Hotel, I thought it would be alright but I am really tired while picking up my sis at Puchong. Her friend was actually the groom and the bride is a Japanese women. They purposely came back to Malaysia to held their wedding over here. So it really nice and seeing a lot of Japanese people at the wedding. There is this Japanese women sitting next to me who is so tall and pretty. She too married a Malaysian husband. Lucky guy~! LOL! Food was alright but the waitress was a bit less experience maybe. It was truly a good experience as tonight I saw some Japanese mix Chinese culture wedding night. Reached home at 10.30pm and quickly pack my stuff for work and gym tomorrow. Tired~! Better rest early tonight.

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