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Sunday, April 26

Best Wishes & God Bless My Friend

As you all know, I am going down South on Saturday morning. Woke up early around 6am. Damn I think I just had like less than 5 hours of sleep that morning after watching Uninvited after gym night. LOL~! Drove to Max's house at Puchong to meet up with Alvin and wait for the rest to come. Had dim sum with rest of the convoy before started our journey around 9.30am. Managed to reached Bukit Indah in JB around noon. Had lunch and meet up with some other friends and started our journey down to Kiasu-Land.

My friend basically live at Selater Hills Drive @ Avenue 6, Yio Chu Kang which is actually on the EAST side of the island but we had used Second Link to enter Singapore. So you can imagine the distance that we had to travel to get over to my friend's house. It took us around 40minutes to reach from the border. Damn the house was big and nice. For those who know where is Avenue 6, it's all landed properties over here. My friend, Evelyn greeted all of us with a big smile and warm hugs. She was thinner maybe due to the chemo sessions.

After talking with her, we got to know that her bone cancer had spreads to some part of her lung, stomach and another part. It all stared with some lumps on her chest and back. Her annual medical check up came up perfect and even X-ray but when she felt something was wrong as there is a lump on her chest, she went for CT scan and found the 'shadows'. She had gone through one session of chemo therapy which last for 3 days consecutively and each session last for few hours. She doesn't have any appetite after the sessions and hair will fall off. According to her it's critical stage already by now. How sad when I heard that but she still put on a happy face when talking to us.

But she still shows her usual happy go lucky girl and laughing with us but we know she is trying as hard as she can to fight this. All of us gave our support and love for her to get through this. She had even started her own diary during her ordeal now. All of us took turn to jot down some words of support for her. After a long talk we decided to bid farewell around 6pm as all of us are tired by now. We all hug and prayed together for her. We really hope that we can still meet up with her during our next gathering. God bless you Evelyn~!

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