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Wednesday, April 1

Do I Need A Change?

First day for the Health Care Asia Exhibition at KLCC and I was jamming all the way to it. I'd decided to use Jalan Duta to Tun Razak where the stupid jam started after I passed Parliment. The jam was all the way to Jalan Ampang. OMG~! Luckily I left my house early thinking to grab breakfast when I arrived. But still managed to arrived 40mins before the exhibition starts. But I found out that I couldn't enter the hall as my tag was with my colleague who was late today. OMG~!! Waited for 20mins before she came and we all went in.

It was a slow day as it was just open for traders. This has got to be one of the lowest traffic of visitors I saw in an exhibition. It shrunk tremendously since the previous same exhibition. And the organizer was so bold to say that it's better than last time. Stupid~! But I was damn occupied the whole day as there was a situation with one of my customer at site. Been calling me whole day and luckily my manager was there to take over at the end. I was really busy as I need to compile all the data from the servicing side and later discuss with my manager and back to the customer. Heck, it lasted even when I arrived home after 7pm.

No gym for me tonight, so finish off my work at home and rest for the day. What class will I join tomorrow? RPM at Consplant again? Since QQ is teaching again and I do want to change some of my GX program recently. Might really look into doing more RPM classes and drop some of the other Body Combat and Pump classes. Damn I am so bored of it sometimes. It's not the instructor but just doing the same class over and over again. Yes, I know it's because I do too much of the classes a week but I need to exercise. So we will see how it all goes.

2 Octopus:

Aleximon 2.0 said...

i almost drop combat, now into attack , pump and step : )

BaBy OcTopUs said...

I am RPM-er already ... kakaka!

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