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Thursday, April 2

I'm Hooked On RPM~!

Finally the problem which had been bugging me for months had finally reached it's conclusion. Or so I think it is. Got a SMS from my service manager informing me that they had achieved what the customer requested. I was so relief when I saw the message after the RPM class. Yup, I decided to join RPM again tonight. And who other but QQ sitting in the class again or Ping. I am so into RPM nowadays. Since MD and SOS also joined tonight, I was particularly hyped I think. LOL!

Since they are still doing the new release, I had a good idea what is coming and wasn't that much struggling compared to my first attempt last week. Even during Track 3 and 5 I was still pushing hard. During Track 3 I was thinking of joining RPM again next week. What a feeling. It's like the first day of Body Combat for me. At the end of the class, I can't wait for another round of RPM the next day or so. Totally hooked onto RPM nowadays. Maybe cause I did Body Pump a lot, so I didn't felt much 'pain' as they put it after the class. So when is the next class? Hmm..... let me see.

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