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Saturday, April 11

Improved My Squats, Hurt My Elbow

I think if I can make it for RPM on Friday, I would most probably do 4 classes in a row nowadays. But if I am not doing RPM I might not be doing Body Step at all. Weird, I know. Anyway, Isaiah was covering for Joe RPM last night as he twisted his ankle or some sort. Managed to drag babe into the class to accompany me. LOL! For a first timer, she's still manageable. We did the whole new release again but still I am having so much fun. Did I mentioned that I love RPM these days? LOL!! Class was OK but his voice was a bit soft, power is there and ques was not that clear unless I am familiar with the track itself I think I would be a bit struggling as there is no pre-ques.

Quickly changed my shoe and grab a step board for the next class. I was so damn energetic and motivated last night. I was all out during Body Step and wasn't holding back much like my previous classes. K-Bear's Pump class was next and I decided to cut down on squats to get my technique corrected again. It's more better now but I am not sure why but I managed to hurt my RIGHT elbow this time. So both my elbow hurts during the chest track. OMG~! But I still maintain more 11kg for chest to the end. Decreased clean & press as I'm afraid that I will hurt my elbow more but I too corrected my clean and press according to K-Bear. Even Biceps track is easier now with my shoulder pulled back and all. Shoulder pulling back is really important for doing Pump class. Skipped the conditioning as I am very bored with it. Went down and grab a drink while waiting for the next class.

Next was K-Bear's Body Combat class. My stamina was still at peak even during the 4th class. I think it's the food which I ate during lunch. LOL! Ann was here tonight, so long didn't saw you girl. MD wasn't here tonight as it was just me, FP and SOS. After the class discussed with K-Bear again on my technique during the squats track. Getting better but the elbow problem arise. She said it might be due to the RPM class when I lock my elbow. Well, maybe. Need to keep an eye on that on my next class. 4 classes of RPM in a week. Not bad for a newbie.

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