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Sunday, April 12

The Customer Is Always Right Pt.2

It was after dinner with my babe at Summit tonight and we're walking around looking for some stuff. Babe wanted to go into Watson to check out some cosmetics so I went in and check in their supplements. As I wanted to get some Glucosamine for my dad and myself. Was looking up and down and finally found it was placed at the bottom of the shelves. One bottle of 500mg with 30 tablets cost around RM39 and suddenly I saw a triple pack next to it. The triple pack consists of 1 bottle of 100 tablets and 2 bottles of 30 tablets. The shocking part was the price tag, it was RM 59.80. WTH??!! Something is damn wrong here. So I took the pack and went to the counter to ask the cashier to confirm the price. To my surprised (again!) the price was RM 72.00. Walk back and told babe.

Babe told me that he encountered (or rather her colleague) this type of scenario before (at some hypermarket). The store at the end have to sell the item according to the price placed on the tag. So I walked back to the counter and told the cashier that the price tag was different. He walk over to the isle and check on the price tag. Yup, I was right. So he asked me if I really wanted the supplement. DUH! Or else why do I waste so much time walking back and forth to ask you in the first place. So at the end I paid RM 59.80 for the supplement and he quickly took the price tag away before someone else saw it. This proves that the we consumer still have our right in this Boleh-Land.

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