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Friday, April 24

One Hell Of A Week Coming

This is going to be a very long week for me as I need to travel a lot in this coming week. As you all know I am traveling down South to Singapore to visit a friend of mine who is diagnosed with Cancer. I just read from LP's blog that her relative was just diagnosed the same thing, I mean cancer. This proves that anything could happen to any of us. OK, I am not being gloomy here but just facing the facts. Hopefully my friend will recover after the 3rd chemo session. I think support from friends and beloved is very important to carry them over this period of time.

I'll be driving down on Saturday morning with some other friends and most probably be coming back next day on Sunday. Hopefully I can reach home early as I need to get prepare for my Monday meeting. I might need to travel down South again for my visit to my contractors down there. Why do I still come up on Sunday if I know that I need to go again? Well it's because my boss might want to go with me on this trip as he wanted to check out the market situation over there and catching up with the customers over there. Not sure if I can make it back for David's birthday if I am going down on Tuesday. Most probably be back on Thursday night.

Friday morning will be our BKLTL's annual trip to Penang. Actually I am really looking forward to this trip but since I know my schedule is going to be that rush this week, I am a bit reserved. But nevertheless, I am still gonna enjoy myself with the fantastic food and company and really unwind myself during this time (if I could). So I am skipping tonight's class to get some extra rest for next week. Was really sad that I couldn't make it for this weekend's DKSH & Home Dec 09. Sigh~! Maybe next round I guess.

3 Octopus:

Little Princess said...

Have a safe trip down to South..

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Thanx babe ... same to you.

Anonymous said...

Wah realli kiasu before trip down to kiasu-land...die die oso come n do 4classes ;p ;p

eh... U travelling down south... LP up north ler....
Anyways,Drive safe ya...


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